All distances below are measured from Smålandstorpet


Smålandsleden is a merger of the hiking trails Västra Vätterleden (stage 8), Södra Vätterleden, John Bauerleden, Holavedsleden, Anebyleden, Höglandsleden, Järnbärarleden, Kävsjölänken and Gislavedsleden.

Length: About 900 km (excluding detours)

Starting points: About 60 (train, bus, parking)

Store Mosse National park

A big marsh area .
(ca 45 km)

Bottnaryds urskog

Primeval forest on the way towards the city of Mullsjö! (ca 55 km)

Skurugata and Skuruhatt

Close to Eksjö. Walk Skurugata and climb Skuruhatt! (ca 55 km)

Dumme Mosse

A marsh area outside Jönköping (ca 45 km)

Moens urskog

Primeval forest outside the city of Värnamo. (ca 45 km)

Ryfors gammelskog

Primeval forest west of Jönköping. (ca 80 km)

Anderstorps stormosse

A big marsh area. No English website, please ask us for further information. (ca 60 km)

Natur reserve at the mountain Taberg 

No website in English, please ask us for further details. (ca 30 km)

Natur reserve in the municipality of Vaggeryd

No website in English, please ask us for further details. (10-30 km)



Here you can find different activities all year around. Isaberg also have a restaurant. (ca 40 km)

Klavreström zipline 

(ca 90 km)

High chaparral

A well-known theme-park. (ca 40 km)

Do you need to relax?

Try out the Spa at Hooks Herrgård (ca 20 km).

Please make a reservation in advance.

Go floating at wellrest (ca 20 km)