Smålandstorpet – Since 1850

Welcome to Smålandstorpet – a secluded and scenic accommodation in a rural and relaxed environment

Accommodation for rent

What can Smålandstorpet offer you.......

Peace and quiet in an non-stressfull environment. Smålandstorpet is the perfect place to relax, regardless if  you travel by yourself or as a couple.

From midsummer 2022 vi can offer our guests the possibility to charge their electric vehicle.

The accomodation is designed for adults and not suitable for children, all our guests are 15 years +.

Discover the perfect spot!

Challenge yourself! Stay a night in our small secluded cabin “the secret” – without electricity and tap water. Nature is your only neighbour…

The secret is a recently built cabin in the forest, it’s called “the secret”, because people don’t know how to find it. It is overlooking a beautiful marsh area. The Secret is designed for all of us who are enchanted by the beauty of nature, like peace and quiet and perhaps wants to take some photos during sunset or dusk. Bring your camera, your pencils to sketch with, a book (or read one of ours). We have a gas heater, nice beds and a toilet. At the Secret there is no power or running water. Do you dare to stay the night?

If you make a reservation for a night at the secret we’ll make you dinner and breakfast – included in the price!

At cheque in (from 3 pm) you’ll enjoy some cinnamon rolls and hot beverage.

Dinner is served at about seven o’clock, you’ll find your way through the forest to the fireplace.

All year round we’ll make you dinner in the forest, (if there is heavy rain or stormy weather we’ll bring you dinner in the cabin). In the morning we’ll bring you breakfast (in a basket), “Swedish style”.

Always remember: Rainproof clothing and footwear will keep you warm and happy wherever you go!

Surrounded by love.

Other information

To be able to renovate the Cottage and the old Barn we’ve got economic contribution from the EU.