All distances below are measured from Smålandstorpet

Leva cafe och hemma
Café and design shop in the middle of the forest - no english web-site. 
Please ask us for opening hours. 
(ca 12 km)
(ca 10 km)
Opening hours

Monday-Thuseday closed
11 am-6 pm Wednesday-Friday
11 am-4 pm Saturday
12 am-4 pm Sunday
Rudenstams Bär och Frukt
Nearby Jönköping 
(ca 45 km)

Open daily except for Sundays
Tabergs topp
(ca 30 km)
Restaurant in Vaggeryd, serves lunch monday-friday
(ca 10 km)

Fika – A Very Swedish Tradition – How to Fika Like a Swede

Vandalorum Restaurant Syltan
Museum, restaurant and design shop
(ca 45 km)
Café Timjan
No web-site in English, please ask us for opening hours
(ca 25 km)
Nydala Café
Open again on the 7th of February
(ca 25 km)
Ryfors café
(ca 80 km)
Byarums Hembygdsgård
No website in English. Only open during summer
(ca 15 km)

Opening hours
6am - 6pm Monday-Friday
6am - 2pm Saturday-Sunday