All distances below are measured from Smålandstorpet

North – in and around the city of Jönköping

Encounter the people and machines that built up the match industry and developed it into a global operation
A park in Jönköping, beautifully situated
Husqvarna museum
A brand (and factory) with more than 300 years of history
Åsens by
An old, small village in the coutryside
Träkyrkan i Habo
Woodenchurch in Habo and more things to do around Habo
No english web-site, please ask us for further details
Beautiful old house and park lots of animals. 
Owned by Tage Andersen, a wellknown Danish artist (in flowers)
Old city about 30 km north of Jönköping. Famous for the candy "Polkagrisar"
A small island in the big lake Vättern. Rent a bike or go for a ride with horse and carriage

East – The town of Eksjö – and beyond, ca 60 km:

Albert Engtrömsgården
A small folk museum in small town of Hult, no English web-site, plase ask us for further details.
In Filmbyn (Film Village) in Mariannelund (ca 110 km) you can experience scenes from classical children’s films, e.g. Emil in Lönneberga etc
Astrid Lindgrens Näs , Astrid Lindgrens Värld
Close to the city of Vimmerby (ca 130 km).
Astrid Lindgren , grew up at the farm Näs.

South – towards Värnamo (ca 45 km):

A museum
A small folk museum and a café
Ohs Järnväg
Nydala Klosterkyrka
An old beautiful church, lovely situated nearby the lake of Rusken
Nydala klosterträdgård